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Patient Experience

Our clinic aspires to provide you with the next generation of patient care

It is our goal to extend the patient experience beyond your appointment on-site. To accomplish this philosophy, we intend to begin your patient appointment earlier and extend your experience following your visit. We will use the next generation of technology, as well as additional online content, to reach this goal. The Modern Sleep Solution optimizes multiple levels of the patient experience:


Have you ever been put on hold waiting to schedule an appointment, desired walking into a doctor’s office last minute but there was no availability, or wished it would not take so long to get in to see a specialist? We understand your frustrations. When you join the Modern Sleep Solution family, we make every effort to make your patient experience as streamlined as possible. We analyze each step in the process and optimize the experience whenever possible. This way, you can see our providers as soon as possible, spend as much time during that appointment discussing your care, and minimize the administrative hassle. This begins with scheduling your patient appointment.

The Modern Sleep Solution posts open appointments so that patients and referring providers can find slots that work for their schedules via the website, free mobile app, or web app. Appointments are posted and claimed in real-time, significantly increasing efficiency for the providers, and dramatically improving the consumer experience. We provide directions and offer any ride services available to the appointment all through this system. You can receive notifications in any of three ways. This makes the scheduling experience so much easier!

Telling your medical story

Have you ever been frustrated with telling your clinical history multiple times to different medical staff members, then the doctor walks into the room and you have the impression they are hearing it for the first time?

Have you ever had a patient experience where even after you have left the appointment you are concerned that your provider still may not have heard your experience?

We address these problems in a thoughtful and stepwise manner. You may build your story in an organized manner before your encounter. The Modern Sleep Solution will translate your interview into medical terminology, organize the positives and negatives according to the pertinent organ system, and start your note in the electronic medical record. You will tell your story one time and know that it has been read. This will enable us to invest more time discussing your diagnosis and answering your questions, and less time communicating your history. This process gives you control of your patient history and increases the documentation quality significantly.


Have you ever spent more time with your check-in experience than you did with your clinic visit? We offer the following services to streamline the check-in process, so you spend less time with administration and more time with direct patient care:

Check-in protocol

  1. Our patients receive an appointment reminder that includes a link to confirm their appointment.
  2. Once you confirm the appointment, you can then begin the pre-check-in process by clicking on the link provided.
  3. The clinical experience will be streamlined through a set of questions.
  4. When you arrive at the office for your appointment, you will verify your arrival at our check-in kiosk and be seated. This will alert our Modern Sleep Solution team that you have arrived and are ready to be seen.
  5. Patients will now be able to know firsthand their healthcare options when it comes to insurance benefits, eligibility, payment options, and their own specific payer rules and requirements.