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Whole You™

The Whole YouTM series has only been on the market for a few years, but it is making a big impact in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea

Like other oral appliances, Whole YouTM works to treat sleep-disordered breathing by pulling the mandible, or lower jaw, forward, which opens the airways and allows you to get more oxygen throughout the night.

What sets Whole YouTM apart?

Whole YouTM series
Whole YouTM series pair

Frontal attachment

The Whole YouTM series is unique amongst sleep appliances because of where the upper and lower segments of the device are attached; instead of attaching at the back of the mouth, Whole YouTM’s trays come together toward the front of the mouth. This works exceptionally well to prevent breakages, as the screws that keep the device together are under a lot less pressure in this location.

Intuitive adjustment

Many devices are problematic for patients because the adjustments that allow them to work their best are not easy to understand. The Whole YouTM series seeks to resolve this problem by putting the adjustment instruments in logical and understandable places. This way, patients can make important adjustments successfully at home.

Customized comfort

The Whole YouTM series offers lots of features and options to improve comfort levels for Salem sleep apnea patients. The device’s distinctive blue material is firm yet soft, and patients can opt to add a soft layer to make the device less abrasive on the teeth’s surface. These oral appliances also allow patients to fully open and close their mouths while also creating a small opening in the front to boost oxygen consumption.

Genuine affordability

Treating sleep apnea can be expensive, and the makers of Whole YouTM devices work hard to make their oral appliances affordable for every Salem sleep patient. These devices are available at a low upfront cost, and their remarkable durability means that your investment should stand the test of time.

If you’re interested in the latest available appliances to treat snoring, sleep-disordered breathing, and sleep apnea for Salem patients, talk to the friendly staff at Modern Sleep Solution for more information on whether Whole YouTM is right for you right away.