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Avoid CPAP with The DreamBite System

Your sleep apnea used to keep you up, but now it’s your machine

Maybe your CPAP or other sleep apnea device is making it difficult to sleep…

Or even worse, maybe you're putting off getting sleep apnea treatment altogether because you don’t want to deal with a device.

And we don’t blame you… no one wants to sleep with an elephant trunk hooked up to their face.

But there’s no way around it, you have to solve your sleep apnea, or you put yourself at risk of severe health problems.


Dealing with Sleep Apnea doesn’t have to be a pain

At Modern Sleep Solution, we understand how frustrating this is, and that’s why we offer The DreamBite System.

The DreamBite System is a modern alternative to traditional sleep apnea treatments. It’s a customized, software-driven approach that fits patients with the perfect oral appliance for their sleep apnea.

Ditch the CPAP Here
The Benefits of The DreamBite System vs CPAP
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Comfort & Convenience

Does your CPAP make you feel like you have an elephant trunk always in the way? The DreamBite System has no bulky equipment or straps.

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No Noise

Is that a monster standing over you while you sleep? CPAPs create noise and can keep your partner awake while oral appliances work silently.

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Better Portability

Toting around the CPAP on every vacation is a hassle. Oral appliances are highly portable, and easy to travel with. They don’t require electricity or special cleaning equipment.

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Cost - Effective

Reduced maintenance expenses compared to CPAP machines, which require filters, tubing, and regular replacement of mask components.

What success with The DreamBite System looks like

In light to moderate cases of sleep apnea, The DreamBite System can help you breathe better while sleeping without the need for a CPAP or other breathing machine. Giving you:

  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Higher productivity

All while avoiding an often irritating, itchy, and inconvenient device.

Find an effective sleep apnea solution with The DreamBite System

Other sleep specialists are likely to fit you with whatever oral appliance they typically use and send you on your way… whether it’s the best fit for you or not.

But with The DreamBite System, we don’t just send everyone home with the same, exact oral appliance and call your problem fixed.

We tailor your treatment to you.

Ditch the CPAP Here