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Moses Oral Appliance

Moses Sleep Apnea Appliance

The Moses sleep apnea appliance, also known as the Moses mouth piece, delivers a revolutionary three-dimensional solution that effectively treats your sleep apnea and snoring.

The Moses sleep apnea appliance delivers a revolutionary three-dimensional solution that effectively treats your sleep apnea and snoring. A traditional mouthpiece for sleep apnea is designed to maximize either effectiveness or comfort but rarely achieves both. The Moses delivers effective treatment and improved comfort that results in a powerful third dimension, patient compliance. When you finally discover a sleep apnea device that is enjoyable to wear, you will be able to fully experience the benefits of lasting treatment.

The best sleep apnea mouthpiece?

Does more than just advance the lower jaw

Patients always want the best sleep apnea treatment. The best treatment solution is the one that works effectively and is used consistently. With traditional sleep apnea treatments, patient compliance is one of the leading factors contributing to limited outcomes. Whether it is a CPAP machine or a sleep apnea dental appliance, the key to successful treatment is compliance.

CPAP and sleep apnea appliance reviews along with surveys and research continually demonstrate that discomfort is one of the primary factors contributing to lower compliance rates. The Moses sleep apnea appliance is so successful because it combines effective treatment with revolutionary comfort technology.

What is the Moses Appliance?

The Moses sleep apnea appliance is one of the newest and most effective solutions available to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. It was developed by a board-certified dentist and professor, Allen J. Moses, DDS. With more than 50 years of specialized experience treating, teaching, and writing about dental and sleep disorders, Dr. Moses discovered some of the most common shortfalls with traditional sleep apnea treatments. Putting his experience to work, Dr. Moses developed a breakthrough device that excels where other oral appliances fall short.

Combining technological advancement and simple design, The Moses continually rates as highly effective in sleep apnea oral appliance reviews. Some of the most important advancements delivered by The Moses appliance include its elegant three-dimensional design and advanced technology. Read below to explore how exceptional design can deliver improved health.

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Three dimensional sleep apnea appliance

The Moses sleep apnea appliance does more than just move the lower jaw (mandible). Moving the mandible forward is the main feature of oral appliances in treating sleep apnea. Simply moving the jaw forward does not provide a comprehensive solution and often falls short of fully addressing sleep apnea and snoring. Dr. Moses combined jaw placement with tongue management to achieve lasting results. The Moses' modern open design works to stimulate natural tongue reflexes and gently guide the tongue out of the airway. This makes the open section of the airway larger to deliver better breathing and improved sleep apnea treatment. The comprehensive three dimensional design of the Moses appliance sets it apart from other treatment options.

Jaw placement (Mandibular Advancement)

The heart of the Moses appliance is the modern approach to lower jaw placement. Traditional devices extend the jaw in ways that are uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Our three dimensional approach combines jaw placement with tongue management, allowing the Moses to achieve exceptional results. A simple and elegant design gently guides the tongue out of the way so that the lower jaw does not require excessive adjustment. Not only does this feature help with sleep apnea and snoring, but may contribute to a reduction in Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) such as TMJ. The Moses sleep apnea appliance also helps to prevent excessive tooth grinding or jaw clenching known as bruxism.

Tongue management

A traditional sleep apnea mouth guard often controls the tongue with restrictive force. Uncomfortable pins, posts, and gadgets are used to block or prevent the tongue from moving forward. Dr. Moses discovered revolutionary ways to activate subconscious reflexes to control the tongue without force. The Moses sleep apnea appliance achieves greater success through innovative design. The open anterior design delivers extra room for the tongue resulting in a comfortable and effective long-term solution.

Patient compliance

The most important factor in any sleep apnea treatment plan is patient compliance. The Moses sleep apnea solution delivers exceptional comfort and convenience that results in outstanding compliance. The Moses is comfortable enough to wear every night giving our patients the maximum benefit of successful treatment.

Unlike traditional devices, our sleep apnea appliance allows you to talk, drink, open wide, and close your lips. The Moses eliminates the discomfort of dry mouth, prevents locked jaw, and allows you to sip water and speak to a partner or children. Patient reviews demonstrate that the Moses sleep apnea appliance helps prevent uncomfortable side effects, improve relationships with a sleep partner, and significantly increase compliance. Best of all, greater compliance results in better health outcomes.

The advanced three-dimensional design comfortably places the jaw, gently guides the tongue, and delivers a comfortable appliance that can be worn every night. The Moses is renowned because it allows the tongue to fit comfortably in the mouth while eliminating the painful pulling on the jaw that is often experienced with a traditional sleep apnea appliance. The Moses appliance adjustment is possible with our built-in advancement screws. These micro-adjustments keep your device constantly comfortable and effective. With a modern design, the Moses appliance provides unparalleled comfort and ease of use, making it both convenient and effective.

Elegant design with advanced technology

The Moses sleep apnea appliance parts come together in a small elegant design that incorporates the most advanced materials. Our FDA-cleared device uses a clear, flexible retainer that prevents movement of the teeth and gently anchors the device in place. The device is custom fit to your bite along with adjustable screws that allow for ultimate comfort and flexible adjustment. We only use the most advanced acrylic materials that do not discolor and make the Moses appliance cleaning safe and easy.

Sleep apnea dental appliance vs. CPAP

The key to effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is patient compliance and nightly use. Research studies and patient reviews estimate that as many as 4 out of 10 CPAP users do not regularly use their CPAP machines. When a CPAP machine is not in use sleep apnea treatment cannot be successful. The Moses sleep apnea mouth guard was designed to be comfortable and convenient enough to be used every night. When compared to CPAP and traditional sleep apnea mouth guard appliances, the Moses appliance provides three distinct advantages:

  • Freedom: With the Moses appliance, you can talk, close your mouth, sip water, and breathe freely all while experiencing effective sleep apnea treatment.
  • Convenience: The Moses appliance is discrete and easy to pack for travel. No special tools or complicated equipment is needed for effective cleaning.
  • Comfort: The Moses appliance does not restrict the tongue and does not require excessive jaw advancement.

The Moses appliance is comfortable, convenient, and effective for nightly sleep apnea treatment.

The Moses at Modern Sleep Solution

Discover the difference that Modern Sleep Solution delivers. Our next-generation patient experience combines the most advanced technology with compassionate care. From the moment you schedule your appointment to the detailed follow-up, we have a streamlined process that is like no other. Our average check-in time is 1 - 3 minutes and you won’t spend your time filling out stacks of paperwork.

Modern Sleep Solution brings world-class sleep apnea and snoring solutions to Salem, Tualatin, Portland, and all of western Oregon. We offer the Moses sleep apnea appliance along with a wide variety of other treatment options to give our patients the choice that they deserve. When it comes to your sleep apnea and snoring, don’t wait to explore your options. Our professional team is ready to deliver outstanding results that will improve your quality of life, advance your overall health, and give you access to high-quality restful sleep. Contact us today to learn more about the Moses sleep apnea appliance at Modern Sleep Solution.