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Myerson Elastic Mandibular Advancement®

EMAs have been used to successfully treat patients’ snoring and obstructive sleep apnea in Salem for more than 20 years

The Myerson Elastic Mandibular Advancement (EMA®) is an oral appliance that moves the mandible forward and opens the bite to increase airflow during sleep.

How does the EMA work

The EMA is a multi-piece oral appliance system. The upper and lower trays of EMAs are custom-made using thermoforming technology for each patient’s mouth from wax molds created by your dentist at a Salem sleep clinic. These trays fit over the maxilla and mandible, or the upper and lower teeth, and are connected by an elastic strap. These straps pull the lower jaw forward and increase the airway opening vertically, which improves airflow and eliminates sleep-disordered breathing.

The EMA is highly effective due to its ability to be customized for each patient. Along with being individually manufactured for your mouth, there are 20 choices of elastic straps available to patients. These straps come in five different lengths that are each available in four levels of elasticity. You should expect to work with your Salem sleep dentist to determine which strap is right for your jaw, teeth, and bite. Then, as your treatment progresses and your jaw moves gradually forward, you will change out the elastics for shorter and/or firmer straps to continuously and effectively treat your condition.

Benefits Of The EMA

The EMA is one of the most popular oral devices to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea in Salem patients. It offers patients many advantages over surgery, medication, and other available appliances.

Unmatched comfort and lateral movement.
The EMA’s small, unobtrusive design was developed in 1993, and this device still offers unsurpassable freedom in lateral lower jaw movement more than 20 years later. These oral appliances allow for the lips to fully close and leave plenty of room for the tongue as well, which results in them being some of the most comfortable and natural-feeling oral appliances available.

Top affordability and durability.
EMAs are considered some of the most affordable and long-lasting oral appliances available. Since they’re adjustable in the long term through the use of different elastic straps, patients can wear the same EMA for many years. This means these devices offer you a great value over other appliances as well as in comparison to pharmaceutical treatments or surgical options for sleep-disordered breathing.

Proven effectiveness and flexibility.
EMAs have several features that increase their functionality and ability to successfully treat sleep apnea in Salem patients. EMAs’ top features include thermoformed trays that limit tooth movement, bite pads that increase the vertical opening for better breathing and an overall design that maximizes the space for patients’ tongues. These features coupled with the expansive array of elastic bands in varying lengths and strengths result in a device that is extremely effective and remarkably adjustable.