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Adult Airway, SML CLEAR SLEEP™

Adult Airway, SML CLEAR SLEEP™

The Clear Sleep™ is a revolutionary sleep aid that helps ease mild-to-moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea and snoring. It works by gently repositioning the lower jaw in adjustable increments to open the airway, allowing for unrestricted breathing throughout the night. Features include:

Clear Sleep
  • Customized upper and lower trays to meet individual needs
  • Patented strong, durable stabilizing posts to attach Connector Rods
  • A series of easy-to-change Connector Rods that advance mandibular development in 1mm increments
  • Strong, yet flexible, Connector Rods for better lateral movement and overall comfort
  • Up to 7mm advancement (with a proper protrusive bite provided on the working models)

Two available options of material can be swapped in and out depending on if the wearer is suffering from Bruxism in addition to Sleep Apnea.

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