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The Moses Oral Appliance

The Moses Oral Appliance is a classic maximum vertical design that doesn’t impede the tongue from protruding forward to open the airway.

The Moses

The benefits of The Moses include:

Maximum Tongue Space

Dr. Moses designed The Moses Oral Appliance to provide you with increased tongue space. The recommended bite technique for optimal comfort is to open the mouth as wide as possible without compromising a secure lip seal. This technique helps to substantially reduce the amount of horizontal protrusion, creating an effective and comfortable device.

Promotion of Nasal Breathing

Inhaling and exhaling through the nose allows us to take in fuller, deeper breaths that stimulate the lower lungs to distribute more oxygen throughout the body.

Comfort and Compliance

Wearing The Moses Appliance is essential for ensuring effective results while prioritizing comfort. Patients are able to talk and drink while wearing the appliance, as it is designed with an easy-release mechanism that prevents any feeling of claustrophobia associated with other appliances.

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